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re-defining by re-inventing | re-inventing by re-considering

         How Architecture and Design can create a positive impact on our homes, our buildings, and in our communities?
       Our responsibility as architects and designers is to foster and provide more integrated ways of life in response to the challenges of our current times: the challenges of climate change, the challenges of population growth, the challenges of social inequality, the challenges of scarcity of resources, the challenges of human rights decline. Architects and Designers have the obligation, opportunity, and ability to understand how the world is evolving in order to explore, reinvent and reinterpret the future we want; As designers, that is our commitment to the world.
       Our homes, buildings, neighborhoods, and the cities we live in need to be more flexible in the face of the unexpected, and more adaptable to our fast-paced world; a world that needs more innovators, entrepreneurs, specialists, and strategic designers to advance in a competitive society. Designing for the future is about higher challenges and expectations: qualitative, high-tech, and humanistic applications.
        To respond to the challenges of our ever-evolving society, architecture and design need to speculate on new possibilities, critically explore our built environment to generate and re-imagine possible and innovative instances and move them towards smarter and more sustainable design in the future.
        We need an architecture and a design that arise from embracing the current reality: more anticipatory, more flexible.
        We need an architecture and a design that is highly connected to the future: more innovative, more speculative, and technical.
        We need an architecture and a design that is more concerned with the environment: cradle-to-cradle design.
        We need architecture and a design dedicated to people: more humane and healthier.


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