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          Hi and welcome!

          WHY DESIGN?
Because  Design affects how people think, act, feel, and how to relate to and embrace the spaces in which they live, work, and enjoy.

Because Design shapes human experiences and good experiences feed good memories and consequently elevate design and its spaces to their maximum power.

Because design is a transformation that can generate positive impacts wherever it acts.
Because our planet is fragile and vulnerable, Design can bring plenty of co-benefits to our well-being and our environment.

Understanding that Design should think more about the future than about the present.

I can't understand good design if I don't understand people and its weel-being.

Honesty, quality, uniqueness, care, respect.

It is not about "too much" but "better"


Matter makes space.

Details are the design's technology.

Practice leads to perfection.

What you see is often not enough.

Identity and singularity are sexy; Choice is power.

Good design should be idiosyncratic, honest, relevant and meaningful.

Good design interacts with other things and with people.

Good design is useful, understandable, beautiful and environmentally friendly.

Those who believe that good design will empower, improve, and add value to their lives.
Those who understand that the environment has to be respected and well - taken care of by good design.
Those who seek innovation and creative thinking.



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