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t h e   c i t y   o f   t h e   g o l d e n   g l o b e

   The world (the city) is excessively populated. Global urbanization is developing at unprecedented rates, and scales. The levels of density are and will be suffocating (densities). Thus, It's imperative to increase the surface of the world, that's why mankind decides to build another layer to inhabit (high density urban-ism). In this new order of things, society which is unfair, intolerant and in a deep way totalitarian (social behavior) allows dwelling the new surface only privileged groups of our society: the most intelligent human being ever seen.

Thus, a dystopian society is created: no free, no equal, no fraternal; a reality opposite to an ideal society.

The creation of a specific police (monsters) that bases its policy on subordination, alienation and submission impeding to this underprivileged population to reach the surface, and condemns them to reside forever in the DARK SIDE OF THE WORLD. Thus, perverse behavior, pathological desires grow in the inner city. (psychology science).

The world become dark and shinny, open and close, clean and dirty........perverse and beautiful


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